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January 20, 2021 1 min read

Top 10 Tops for Zoom Meetings

We can't believe that we are saying it, but we are still having zoom meetings almost a year later - who would have thought it? Don't worry though girls, we have got you covered here at Love Cherish for all those meetings, events and family parties over Zoom to make sure you remain feeling some sort of normal. 

Shop our wide range of Tops, Shirts, Blouses and more over on Love Cherish now that will ensure you look amazing through Zoom. 


1. Isabel Floral Blouse - SHOP NOW

2. Tania Top - SHOP NOW

3. Ellie Jacquard Satin Blouse (Navy) - SHOP NOW

4. Phillipa Floral Top - SHOP NOW

5. Hollie Lurex Knit Top - SHOP NOW

6. Emery Top (Black) - SHOP NOW

7. Ellie Jacquard Satin Blouse (Oyster Pink) - SHOP NOW

8. Ivauna Shirt - SHOP NOW

9. Dakota Smocked Sleeve Satin Blouse - SHOP NOW