#Masks4Marymount Raises €32,338 During Lockdown

#Masks4Marymount Raises €32,338 During Lockdown

On Thursday July 23rd 2020, Maeve Dennehy from Love Cherish Boutique, located in Charleville Co.Cork (Temporarily Online Only) had the pleasure of donating....
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On Thursday July 23rd 2020, Maeve Dennehy from Love Cherish Boutique, located in Charleville Co.Cork (Temporarily Online Only) had the pleasure of donating her fundraising cheque of €32,338.00 to Marymount Hospice in Cork from her Masks4Marymount Campaign. 

With Marymount having a very special place in Maeve’s heart because of the care they gave her Mum and Sister, she had planned on holding her second event early this year (1st held in early 2018 and raised over €25k for Marymount then also) but of course due to Covid-19, her sell out event was cancelled, like many other fundraising events. 

Still determined to raise vital funds for Marymount Hospice, Maeve came up with the idea of selling Facemasks which are now a necessary part of our everyday lives and donating all proceeds from the masks to Marymount Hospice. What started as just a small idea with Maeve and Virginia from Up She Rises, back in the height of Covid-19, turned into a hugely successful event, raising over €32k for Marymount Hospice. 

Over the last 8 years of owning her clothing boutique “Love Cherish”, Maeve has actively used her platform to raise awareness for Marymount Hospice, raising over €60k in total. Chatting to Maeve she said “In such a time of worry for everyone, with a lot of personal and financial strains, to see the support for Masks4Marymount from so many people was absolutely mind-blowing and without everyone’s support - we would never have been able to raise so much money. I want to thank every single person who has supported, contributed and shared the campaign - the money raised will do so much good in Marymount Hospice. I also want to thank Virginia from UpSheRises who has been incredibly supportive to me, shared the workload and a huge help throughout the campaign - she played a big role in making it such a success. Thanks also to family members who helped package up and send out all the 2500 masks, which was no small task. The support this fundraising event and my store has received has been absolutely overwhelming these last few months. I feel very privileged to be able to raise this much for such a worthy cause”

To see more about the event along with Maeve and Virginia handing the cheque to Marymount Hospice, you can visit our Instagram page @lovecherishboutique to watch our video from the day. You can also find us on www.lovecherish.com for all your clothing and fashion advice - thank you!